Re:wild Your Life

It’s time to break away from the myth that the wild is something exotic that exists somewhere else. It isn’t. We are all wild things caught at the intersection of an environmental crisis with three heads: climate change, biodiversity loss, and disease.

The wild is the most effective solution to these interconnected crises. By working together, we can protect and restore our planet. Is there a better place to start than in our own lives?

Re:wild Your Life is a resource to help you take the first step on your rewilding journey. We don’t need to reinvent the planet. We need to rewild it. 

It’s not going to be easy, nor quick, nor always straightforward. But it will be rewarding.

Choose a place to start from the menu below!

Love the wild around you.

Studies have shown that houseplants and gardening make you healthier – as well as more productive and better able to concentrate. But what you plant matters.

Every day, rainforests are cut down to create space for more livestock and the crops that feed them. 

People need people, and people need the wild.

The stuff of life is unavoidable, but we can protect and restore the wild by becoming wiser consumers.

Want more? Check out what the world would look like if we let natural ecosystems flourish. In Planet Rewild, join 2 Chainz on a journey to discover how we can protect and rewild our planet — starting at home. Produced by Snap and Re:wild.