Action Funds

We collaborate on grantmaking to support partners and guardians, implementing the most transformative nature-based solutions. Our action fund portfolio includes:

rapid RESCUE

A rapid response to urgent biodiversity threats.

mesoamerica climate resilience fund

Aiding the recovery of vital communities in the wake of human-caused climate change.

lion recovery fund

Investing in innovative projects to restore lions and the wild they depend on.

elephant crisis fund

Ending the ivory crisis with Save the Elephants and WCN.

shark conservation fund

Restoring the world's sharks and rays.

leuser ecosystem action fund

Saving the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants, and tigers still live together in the wild.

virunga fund

A joint initiative supporting Virunga National Park to deliver critical disease prevention efforts, law enforcement, and to support the families of rangers who have fallen in the line of duty.