Jennifer Luedtke

Manager Of Iucn Red List Assessments


    B.S. in Environmental Studies, Wheaton College, Illinois,M.A. in Historical and Systematic Theology from Wheaton College, Illinois

    Jennifer Luedtke sits within the GWC Science strategy and is our point person on the IUCN Red List. She is the Global Coordinator of the IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group Red List Authority (ARLA) and has been leading the Second Global Amphibian Assessment since 2015—an initiative that seeks to update the extinction risk of the 8,000+ known species of frog, toad and caecilian on the IUCN Red List—along with Kelsey Neam, Lauren Naylor Warr, and Sean Lyon. When she is not red listing, Jennifer collaborates with our focal areas, partners, and associates, to identify and support priority amphibian projects. Prior to joining GWC, Jennifer worked for the IUCN Species Survival Commission in Bath, England. She has a diverse background in amphibian and bird fieldwork, community conservation projects, and environmental sustainability in higher education. An ongoing area of interest for her is the role of religion and faith in conservation, and she is a member of the SCB Religion and Conservation Biology Working Group (RCBWG).

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